Mike Reed installed my system almost year ago, and its the best thing I did in my house. I had to update this review because of how much enjoyment I get out of my in-ceiling speakers and how grateful I am to Mike and Wired Up. We just had another party and everyone always comments on how great my system sounds and they can't believe how good it looks.


We began to Summer in Hunt Country and absolutely fell in love with everything except the technology hole west of Chantilly. Fortunately we found Mike through a most brilliant friend. Mike solved our aging sound and intercom system problems with a modern upgrade and outdoor speakers by the pool that make our happenings really happen!! My wife hates that we have a 55" TV by our BBQ, but I love grilling and watching the game and my friends are all wanting one now. Our cell phones never worked in the house only 10' from the front door, now my daughter and her friends can call and whatever everywhere. Mike was very professional and worked within our demanding deadline to have everything we wanted ready for the season. We highly recommend Mike and his crew to anyone who values quality.


Mike Reed and Wired Up Rock!!! Mike is a great guy and installed two sound systems both my Roche Salons. Clients compliment the quality of music and the Sonos Wireless is the coolest thing ever. Streaming music over the internet gives us access to millions of songs for the price of a disc a month. I have referred Mike to several clients that he has installed systems in their homes and they all had nothing but praise. Mike is going to up grade my at home soon. If you like music and want the best , this is the guy to look up.


Michael and Wired Up are fantastic and I highly recommend! He installed ceiling speakers and a SONOS system in my house and yard and I get regular compliments on how nice it looks and sounds! I love having whole-home music playing all day and especially at parties. He also mounted a couple flat screens in my living room and bedroom and they look great. Prices were reasonable and service was excellent. His whole crew is fast, friendly and efficient. Thanks Wired Up!